Artist Statement

My work responds intuitively to personal experiences, records points of interest that concern me at a particular time. Social, cultural and identity issues have always been at the core of my visual exploration. I draw inspiration from daily life, nature, science, food, childhood memories, Chinese culture and Buddhist art. Organic shapes, symbols and motifs form a web of free association and conceptual connection, serving as means of convenience in the vain pursuit of self-identity.

Painting is an instance of pure activity and experience prior to recognition. The creative process allows momentary detachment from my psyche, and reveals how abstract patterns interpret thought processes at the subliminal level. Between the image envisioned in my mind and the image realized on the canvas, I explore the boundary between the material and the immaterial, allowing the visible world momentary access to the invisible. At the conclusion of this senseless act of mark making, my work is only a reflection of the many diverse, fragmented and transitory aspects of my experience.